Top Three Methods of Stainless Steel Welding in Perth

Most of you are already aware of the fact that steel is one of the iron-based alloys which is resistant to corrosion. Steel doesn’t usually rust and is quite capable of withstanding certain types of gases, chemicals and liquids without corroding. Due to the presence of some iron in them, they are quite able to withstand high temperatures.

Welding Repairs in Perth

Also, they have the ability to transfer heat at a lower level and be resistant to electricity. But compared to other metals, stainless steel can expand at a higher rate. Precisely for this reason, one needs to be extra cautious when it comes to stainless steel welding Perth because it can have different reactions when compared to other metals.

If given too much heat, stainless steel reacts quite differently, and it can warp or get distorted while cooling. Also, compared to mild steel, they are not as forgiving which any mistake you do will be clearly visible along with being extremely prone to scratches.

Predominantly, there are three ways you can learn to weld stainless steel –SMAW (shielded metal arc) or stick welding, GTAW (tungsten insert gas) or Tig welding and GMAW (metal insert gas) or Mig welding. Let’s get on with these ways in detail:-

Mig welding

Although this process is quite the same as the ones used in mild steel, you still need to replace the mig welding wires with stainless steel ones which are usually available in 316 and 304 grades. If the wires are being used f    or marine application or in high corrosion areas, always use a 316 grade one.

Stick or Arc welding

In this method, stainless steel is welded using an arc welder which is quite different to that to welding mild steel. Usually, a small stainless steel electrode is used to arc welding. But using these electrodes can be dangerous if proper safety measures aren’t applied. While using these electrodes, be it for welding or welding repairs Perth, make sure to always wear eye protection.

Tig Welding

Although this is probably the toughest welding method to learn, the results are extremely satisfying results. Compared to other metals, using a tig requires much more skill and a steady hand compared to other methods. Welders need to use a small hand held torch containing tungsten is used to create the arc.

To ensure that you get the best mobile welding Perth, it’s important to be versed in the several facets of welding.

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